Sunday, June 14, 2009

Britney Spears in a live concert

Britney Spears, originally uploaded by paulmonkeypaul.

Britney spears is now a days touring in Europe to get reviews about her new upcoming show, Britney Spears in association with Dainty Consolidated Entertainment is now bringing
"The circus staring Britney spears"
The circus is an event of it's kind, having a mixture of music, dance
and magic.having a cast of 50 dancers, magicians,clowns and acrobats, and a traveling staff of over 200,and the 50 million dollar extravaganza will travel Australia with 60 tons of equipment in 34 trucks for what is sure to be the most electrifying and energetic musical event ever.

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  1. Britney...hope you are fine now..I like your first album...I still keep it my cassette collections.


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