Thursday, June 3, 2010

Britney Spears [ Dreaming of you ]

Pop Queen, The sexy BRITNEY SPEARS, has now beat all her competitors i.e her fellow celebrities as she has become the "First" person to have 5 Million followers on the social networking site Twitter. She has also beat Ashton Kutcher the first member to reach 1 million followers...............
Congrats Britney ............


  1. Wow! Britney really looks pretty on this photo. Very rare to see that these days.

  2. you are looking very quit & sexy in this pic. you are looking so cool in this costum.

  3. you are loking very smart & cool in this pic. you are so sexy. Stephane Malhomme
    Stephane Malhomme

  4. Britney iced her competitors by this one! Go Britney! This just proves that you're still a pop star and a lot of your fans, including me, still supports you.


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